Please help with advices about brain cancer!

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My sister has 3 kids (41 years) in May 2017 was diagnosed in Anoplastic multiform glioma.

Pathology report shows:
MGMT - Non methylated
IDH1 (R132) negativ (IHC)
PCR signal unmethylierte sequenz - positiv
PCR signal methylierte sequenz - negativ
ATRX: partieller Verlust (IHC)
H3K27M: negativ (IHC)

From August 2017 she got
Temodal for 3 months (7 days in, 7 days off) growing continue.
In November she got Avastin +, Ironatecan, growing continue.

December: just Avastin

Now she is getting:
Kepra 3000
Vimpat 100
Dexamethason 8 mg
Vitamin C, B, D
Boswellia serrata
Kytta Sedativu
RSO - 0,5 a day
Ajurvedic treatment

Plan to have Optune in 10 days.

So far we cant stop the growth.

Can you please advice useful protocol/treatment plan which can help stop tumor grow?


Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Leonid Gluskin


  • Hello Leonid,
    I am sorry that you are here with the concerns for your sister.
    Apart for the IHC and PCR results you mentioned, has any genomic profiling been done from the biopsies? If no, as the current planned treatment is going in parallel, I would discuss feasibility of this test with her doctor, hoping for a possible targeted therapy.
    Best wishes.
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    Information and Resources

    Research into metabolic methods may be a good addition to  standard of care.   

    Basic biological research, animal studies, limited human trials and anecdotal clinical experience indicates there is a role for metabolic therapy.  A big part of this is dietary control - keeping simple carbs to an absolute minimum.  And control other aspects of the diet to keep insulin low as insulin is an upstream driver of several pathways which stimulate growth, including cancer growth.    So monitor HbA1c and insulin with the aim of keeping low 

    Three talks which should be of help and educate you about some non-toxic options:   by Miriam Kalamian (glioma experience and a lot of experience as a professional nutritionist advising cancer patients)   new book - great resource   by Prof Seyfied who talks about an updated metabolic approach   by Brent Reynolds PhD    talks about how his lab screened natural compounds and shows how three of these help slow tumor growth.   EGGC (green tea)  Sulforaphane (Brocolli sprouts)  Curcumin (tumeric).



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    I am new to the website.

    I am new to the website.

    I am not from the U.S, but am looking to be an inspiration and if so speak with others going trhough simillar things as I.

    Am 26, going to be 27, diagnosed with malignant medulloblastoma at age 2 and 8 months.