HIPEC/IntraPeritoneal Chemo/EPIC

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I see that BonnieDewey has been asking about HIPEC on some old threads.  I thought I'd start a new on.  Bonnie - this is for you.

While I did not have HIPEC, I had EPIC, another form of Intraperitoneal Chemo that was given post-op, and not heated (at Sloan Kettering in NYC, which is what they prefer to HIPEC.  Both treatments are comparable in efficacy.)  However, as an Appendix Cancer survivor, I know many people who have had HIPEC.

Yes, the recovery is much harder, because in addition to doing whatever surgery needs to be done, your insides are bathed with irritating chemicals.  Plan on a prolonged recovery.  However, some people do recover quickly, and may be out of the hospital in about a week.  More commonly, the stay is about 2 weeks; mine was 4.

As to hair loss; it's not routine with HIPEC, though some people do lose their hair.  It may be a stress reaction, as very little of the chemo actually gets into your bloodstream.  Similarly, the chemo doesn't usually cause nausea/vomiting, but that may be part of the surgical recovery.

As to your hair loss during systemic chemo:  Xeloda is oral 5FU.  Are you sure it was the 5FU that got you?  Or were you on Folfiri (Xeliri), which more commonly causes hair loss, moreso than Folfox (Xelox).

For a lot more information on HIPEC and the recovery, you might want to look into some of the Appendix Cancer Groups on Facebook.  HIPEC is one of the standard treatments for that.

Good luck.  Send me a Private message if you think that would be helpful.