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Had a great preop meeting with RO. I will be doing two fractions of HDR-BT, 13.5 gy, two weeks apart. The procedure entails basically three steps. Under propofol, they will use a transrectal ultrasound to insert catheters, I think 20, into the prostate. They also will insert a urinary catheter for the procedure. I then will be awake for the insertion of the radiation probes. They will do an MRI to ensure the catheters are correctly placed and then the technician and physicist will inset the radiation source. I then will go back under and the catheters will be removed. Two weeks later the same procedure. 

Doc says to expect some urinary discomfort for a couple of weeks. 

The plan then is to monitor PSA drop over the next year or so. He warned me there could be a bounce in PSA. They are not sure why this occurs but also said bounce patients seem to do better. 

I am grateful for my doc, easy to talk to and I totally trust him. He has done over 1,000 HDRBTs. I am at peace and comfortable with this next phase of my health journey.


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    Great news

    This makes six months of investigation since your diagnosis to treatment. You did it well.

    Best wishes for an eventless therapy. I hope it knocks down the bandit for good. Please let us know more about your continuing experiences.


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    PSA bounce

    I've read that the PSA bounce is caused by dying cancer cells. As they die they spew out PSA, hence PSA measurements tend to be unreliable for a number of months following radiation.

    Good luck with your treatment Denis!

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    Catheters ouch!


    Catheters bring back not so fond memories for two weeks after I had my RP, but you will get through it.  Thankfully it sounds like you will only have the cath in for a very short time.  Good luck with your treatments.

    Dave 3+4

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    For SBRT bounce happens

    For SBRT bounce happens approximately 18 to 24 months after. I suspect the same for HDR-BT since the proceure is of luck

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    Thanks all, I am ready! 

    Thanks all, I am ready!  Happy holidays to all. Denis

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    SubDenis said:

    Thanks all, I am ready! 

    Thanks all, I am ready!  Happy holidays to all. Denis


    Hi Denis. I hope you are doing well. Do you mind if I ask how the HDR procedure went for you and how you are doing, post-op wise now? I recently decided on the HDR Brachy for my treatment and need to go in for a Pubic Arch Interference Test first to determine whether or not my prostate is too large to do it without a short course of hormone therapy first. Even though I am confident in my HDR decision, I have been a little anxious about the invasiveness of the treatment and the possible post-op urination issues. I was just curious as to how everything worked out for you.  Thanks in advance!  Eric

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    Good Luck

    Hope all goes well with your procedure with much success.  You can beat this.