So let me start by saying - I am grateful to have insurance (Blue Cross Anthem). With that said, I'm dismayed that the nuelestra (sp)? patch and nuepagin (sp)? shots have been denied twice.  I was supposed to have the patch last chemo treatment (Dec 6th); but no one had verified insurance would cover - so did not get it or the shots.  Last labs of Dec 4th, my WBC (white blood cell count) was 3.8 (normal range is 4.2-11) and this past Monday the 18th - 1.3. Low enough that the colonoscopy doc said he would not do the procedure if #'s were below 1.8.  So now - I have to have pre-treatment labs done this next Tue specifically to see if my WBC is even lower so my P.A. can make another argument with Blue Cross.


Frustrating.....anyone else?


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    Y'know ... this all is

    Y'know ... this all is stressful enough without insurance games like these. Hope this gets sorted soon.

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    I am so sorry...I had a bit of an issue myself with down to 0.9 (and then ultimately 0.7 which got me thrown into the hospital) and BCBS was arguing with my oncologist about the neulasta...they would not authorize the on-pro but they did authorize the pharmacologist (who orders the shots) was beside herself...she found me in the waiting room and I could see she was NOT HAPPY. She explained she was at war with the insurance company but finally got them to approve. Then I ended up in the hospital anyway...hopefully you will get it before your levels get as low as mine (I was on cisplatin and radiation so every level went into the basement so to speak).

    Tell them to keep pushing...the good news is once I got the shot my levels went up to the 3's in about 2 weeks and now I am sitting at 6 as of Monday...and I had the same issue as you needing a surgery (I had to have a large hernia repaired...he did it even though I was only at 3.4...)

    I luckily didn't have any side effects other than a little hip pain...

    You will be in my prayers...keep pushing!

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    I hate insurance companies!

    If you do not get what you need, I would seek another insurance company.  I had BCBS and it was nothing but a nightmare for everything.  I have The Affordable Care Act in the state of New York where I live. (Obama Care)

    I actually was thrown out of a neurological practice because BCBS said they made a mistake in covering the doctor!  I got bills galore.  I am now insured with YourCare Insurance and so far, they have been great.

    Had to apply again last month and Thank GOD!  Now with my upcoming hysterectomy, I will be covered.


    Good luck to you.  Keep punching!