The dreaded waiting period

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This may be the wrong forum to post, and if it is forgive me. My husband was diagnosed early this year with stage 3 kidney cancer. The kidney was removed and we were doing great until this last scan. The scan showed a lesion on his back. Additional testing is needed to determine what this is. If it is cancer then it has progressed to his bones. I've been told to wait until I know before I rush to judgement which is completely reasonable...but try telling that to my heart. Right now we need to wait another week to find out where we stand. Need a biopsy and additional appointments. I'm a mess and I'm not helping anything. Eating and sleeping are hard to come by and I'm going nuts. I guess I don't necessarily have a question...just needed to vent and see if there is anyone that may be in the same boat so I don't feel so alone.


  • jensweeney
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    hang in there

    I hear you, the waiting is the worst! I'm in a waiting period myself, and just wanted to let you know you're not alone!

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    Vent away

    This is a great place to vent. Many here understand the feelings you describe.  All the "what ifs" run through your mind as you await results and the possibilities of where things may lead is overwhelming. Yes, many are in the same boat with you. And it's a difficult one. If you have the support of family & friends you are indeed fortunate.   Hoping all the best to you, your husband and family.    

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    keep us posted

    The waiting is terrible.  Please keep us posted.  Please know that we understand what you are feeling.  Hugs and hoping for the best!