My mother won't go to seek help

Jessymojo Member Posts: 1

My mother is in her early to mid sixties. My brother told me 3 weeks ago that my mother had found what is an emergency room doctor thinks is a cancerous nodule in her lung. This happened back in September. My mother was coughing up blood and my niece family convinced her to go to the emergency room. My other two sisters and their husbands have known. From what I've heard my father's devastated. Some days I just pray that God takes me and spares my mother. Should have sent a referral to the University of Michigan which is the best hospital one of them in the world. She refuses to go get this nodule checked out. For a while they were doing Rick Simpson Oil the month of November. My mother is very tired and she was having bone and joint pain. I have my first baby in July and my sister had her first baby in April. Nothing we can say will get my mother to change her mind right now. University had called and my mother never called them back. She feels very old and very depressed. We tried to tell her that her husband needs her her kids and her grandkids need her and that's not enough. Me and my husband are coming from South Carolina for 3 days for Christmas. Within those three days we have to make her feel young and give her a reason to live. My niece wanted to see if the rick Simpson oil did any good and helped. My niece this month had seizures Wonder lasted over 30 minutes. She had a heart attack because of that and stop breathing. She's been taking care of my sick mother this whole time. After that my mother quit taking the oil. While in the hospital my niece found out she has pneumonia. After 2 weeks we finally got my mother to go get tested for pneumonia. The walk in clinic she went to head no x-ray machine so the doctor just self-diagnosed her anyway and gave her antibiotics. My niece wanted to secretly compare a new extract with the old one to see if the oil was helping. I am also very devastated and have been crying for three weeks and can't sleep. My brother is 33 years old and in denial. He's never really left home. I just wish my mother would go good help. My niece said it's got to be her idea to want to get help. How do I get my mother to think that going and getting help is her idea? How do I give my mother a reason to live in only three days? My parents are like one soul. My dad is having heart trouble. He is diabetic and he doesn't like doctors either. I'm just worried that if my mother were to pass away my father would lay on her side of the bed till he dies. The pain is just too much for me.