Cancer Cluster Information

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My daughter, who is now 18, was diagnosed with ALL when she was 2 years and 9 months old.  She survived.  My son, who is now 16, was diagnosed also with ALL on Noveber 7th of this year.  I understand that part of this is genetics, however in talking to one of his oncologists I understand that the chances of anyone developing ALL is 1/80,000 and being a sibiling increases that risk to 1/40,000.  That's still very, very unlikely.  In fact, his oncologist shared that he had never heard of siblings developing the same illness, despite the increased risk.

My concern is that I may live in a cancer cluster, or at least a likely one.  I live in Surprise Az and have read that nearby Maryvale (Glendale) was a cancer cluster in the 80s. There was also a cluster in Sierra Vista much further to the south of where I live.  I live right next to Luke Airforce Base. My wife is currently pregnant and I'm trying to make an informed decision about whether or not to move.  I just can't go through all this again with a third child.  I know that municipalities don't like to investigate or follow through on this stuff.  But I'm wondering if anyone has access to any reliable data that can help me.  Does anyone know of any such resources?

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