Other's experience with genomic testing

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To recap my findings:

Current stage T1c

PSA 3.7

Biopsy 12 cores, 1 core positive, 10% of the core

Gleason 6, 3+3

MRI showed "no lesions of concern"

Age 69

Also my biopsy sample was sent for Oncotype DX testing and the results were a GPS of 19, which indicates a very low risk of negative pathology going forward.  I had already decided to initially go with AS and the GPS number just cofirmed my decision and gives me much more peace of mind going forward.  However, I see very little mention of this type of testing in the short period of time I've been involved with this forum.  I was wondering if any other participants have experience with it and their views


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    As a man on Active Surveillan I also had my slides sent for Oncotype testing. There are various genomic tests to include prolaris and and decifer, that are goods ones,  however the genomic oncotype DX test is the best My resutls were OK, but not as good as yours.

    GENE TEST...Genomic Health oncotype DX low risk patient, likelihood of favorable pathology 74%, freedom from high grade disease 84%, freedom from non organ confined disease 80% ...Oncotype DX uses rt-pcr to determine the expression of 17 genes in tumor tissue. Oncotype DX is calculated from the gene expression results and ranges from 0 to 100.
    The criteria for the Genomic test is based on a prospectively-designed validation study of biopsy tissue form 388 patients

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    Generally this test adds some, but not a lot to the pathology and other tests that you have undergone. 

    Glad that the test confirmed the results of your decision.

    Time for a celebration


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    OncotypeDX as part of Clinical Trial

    I have been in Johns Hopkins AS program for almost nine years. They did an OncotypeDX assay for me when they were testing that product with the FDA. I was told that I had a LFP of 86 percent and a GPS of 2.

    That was five or six years ago. So far, so good.