Mom's relapse

hi, my mom's relapsed already since her bone marrow transplant last year. Follicular/malt/tcell. Looking to connect with others as we approach the next phase. She is my best friend, and in good spirits. I worry she is fatigued and a little confused already. She's having a little radiation and then "we'll see". She is in her early 70s. my dad died from pancreatic cancer almost 20 years ago. I'm thankful my mom has lived so much longer. I don't know what to hope for. I understand relapse so soon is meaningful. 


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    More Info

    Please share a thumbnail overview of your mom's whole treatment history. I apologize for not recall her details.

    What and when was her first-ever diagnosis, what was the stage, what drugs were used first-line (before ever relapsing), and so forth.   Where was her SCT performed ? Was it with her own stem cells, or a doner ?  What is her exact CURRENT diagnosis and staging ?

    All of this information will better assis Po and the other SCT/multiple relapse folks to better assist you.