Serum HE4 marker for recurrent endometrial cancer

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I know many people on this board are not being measured for serum HE4 or their doctors may not 
be familiar with it. Both HE4 and CA125 are blood markers for endometrial cancer. I am tested for
both markers as part of my ongoing follow-up treatment.

Below is an article published by the NIH that explains what this marker is and its effectiveness
in being used to detect recurrent disease of endometrial adenocarcinoma. 

"Serum HE4 detects recurrent endometrial cancer in patients undergoing routine clinical surveillance"
February 2015

PMID 25655024








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    Thank you

    Takingcontrol, thank you for posting this.  I intend to read it, and there is another publication of interest to me that cites your article that appears to discuss HE4 as an aid to evaluating progestin receptor status post-hormone therapy.  It is publication 5023780 (to the best of my knowledge). Best wishes, Oldbeauty