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I thought of doing a poll on the number of PET scans you had. I think its important in early post-treatment time, and should reduce as time progresses. Although, the management of it seems divided. Some do it only when another scan cannot decisively confirm the presence/absence of tumour. Here's the data if the community doesn't mind sharing. I think it's helpful benchmarking. 


Years after treatment: 2 years

Cancer Type and stage: NPC Stage 2 T2N0M0

Number of PET scans (POST treatment): 5

Number of CT scans (POST treatment): 1

Number of MRI scans (POST treatment): 2




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    Well, my husband is only 4

    Well, my husband is only 4 weeks out of treatment, but here are our numbers so far:

    4 weeks post treatment

    Cancer Type: BOT SCC T2N2M0 HPV+

    PET Scans:  1 pre-treatment to confirm diagnosis.  2nd PET scan scheduled for 12 weeks post treatment.

    CT Scans:  1 pre-treatment.  2nd CT Scan was last Friday at 4 weeks post treatment 

    MRI Scans:  None yet



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    3 So Far

    They ordered one at DX. One after treatment.  And then one more a year later.  My doctor said the insurance company won't authorize another for 4 more years after the last one.  And even then he has to write that I have cancer or they won't approve it. My next one should be due now.  Next appointment I'll ask. I'm 5 years out. But with my C the surgeon said he'll watch me for 15 years before clearing me.

    Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma.  Kind of a rare one with clear margins.  That's why I had so few compared to those who had SCC.

    And now I just read in Men's Health magazine that getting too many CT's are not good.  Too much radiation they say.  And that is what my doctor said caused my cancer.  One never really knows how we get it. But I did have the worst cell phone years ago when they made a list of the ones that let out too much radiation.  I'm right handed and my C was all on my right side.  Just a thought.  Nothing I can prove.


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    Tonsil 2 years ago

    Tonsil 2 years ago

    1 pet after tx

    ct scan each 6 mo thereafter as ins will not pay for another pet if only for followup

    no mri

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    3 PET

    3 PET and I can't remember how many CTs? Maybe 3? Never had an MRI. I'm 5 1/2 years out.

    My med Onc wanted to do one more CT at the 5 year mark but United Healthcare said HELL NO! Not medically necessary.

    I see my ENT every 6 months now for a fiberoptic scoping. That is supposedly for life. Currently $250 for 5 min of work.

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    Only One

    My husband only had one PET Scan for diagnosis.  (I joked with him that when they did the CAT scan they didn't find any cats so they moved on to a full PET Scan.  You have to have a sense of humor to get through this sanely) :)  Anyhow, he has had three CT Scans.  Two before treatment and one post treatment.  Mass General does not do follow up PET Scans unless they see something suspicious on at CT Scan.