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Can someone please send me the link to the guidelines for anal cancer monitoring? I tried to see if I vcould locate it but cant remember.


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    access is free, but you have to register...

    since I've been on this site , and on blogforacure, I notice that  while almost everyone has the same initial treatment, with only small variations, the follow-ups vary widely and often do not follow the nccn guidelines.  Oncologists consider the guidelines, just guidelines, they seem to apply them to their patients as they see fit.

    For example, according to the guidelines I should not be having scans on followup; however, I have been having CT scans every 6 months for 3 yrs and then probably once a yr (altho that is not what the guidelines recommend.  I have never had a follow-up PET scan, altho I had one as part of my workup. Lots of people seem to be getting PET scans, My oncologist doesn't do them routinely on follow-up because they light up everything; if something is suspicious ona CT scan, then he would then do a PET scan. PET scans are very expensive and not always covered by insurance.

    If you are concerned that your team is not adhereing to the nccn guidelines, they should be sharing and explaining their recommendations.


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    I agree--check out the guidelines on

    My medical oncologist had me get several PET scans post-treatment.  Doctors are all over the place when it comes to follow-up.

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    Link to 2016 version, don't need to register for this