Well, THAT answer isn't good enough....

Hey everyone!

My husband was diagnosed in January of 2017 with stage 4  squamous cell carcenoma. He had a large mass that ran from the back of his throat, up through the soft pallet and into his sinuses. (We were terrified) We underwent weeks of radiation and 3 rounds of chemo to get rid of it, and it seems to have worked (fingers crossed) Treatments ended July 30th. We were assured that the THICK secretions of saliva and mucous would subside. After 6 months, they have changed their tune and told us that it is pretty much here to stay, and he will have to be on his peg tube for feedings from now on. I'm not EVEN going to apologize and say: "I'm sorry" but THIS isn't GOOD enough! NO! It isn't anywhere NEAR good enough! I want my man to be able to chew, swallow, and ENJOY food again. If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, (Hell, CRAZY ideas) I am willing to try anything. We are currently using ginger ale to rinse his mouth (it helps to break up the mucous) His secretions are so thick, that he is unable (pretty much) to swallow even water. Gentlemen, I am willing to try anything if it will help.

Thank you.