Lung Cancer as a secondary Cancer

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Hello, A little about my story...


I'm a 63 year old male and have been in pretty good health until I hit about 56. At that time I came down with Trigeminal Neuralgia but that's a Neuro issue so not applicable here. Due to some changes in my health insurance recently, I had to change to a new Primary Care Physician. During my first visit, I was given a battery of tests including a chest xray. On my next vist, a week later, they told me that they saw a "mass" in my upper left lung on the xray. I have never had any symptoms. I was referred to an Oncologist and was sent to have a CT Scan which showed the mass clearly. Now off to have a Lung Biopsy (went thru the front of my chest and really wasn't that bad) and I found out the results at a follow up visit to the Oncologist. I have a well differentiated neuroendocrine tumor although no mitosis is identified. Well, now I have to have surgery to remove it which scares the you know what out of me.

Back to original point. After having the CT Scan on my chest looking for something in the lungs they found something in one of the rib bones. The Oncologist thinks for sure it's bone cancer. I'll never forget his words. "Looks like Stage 4 to me". Maybe it's because the center of the bone is black and not white like the rest of them? Now remember I've never had any symptoms, no pain, no nothing. I'm headed for full body scan Monday and then sometime after that, a bone biopsy. Not looking forward to it. 

I guess my point is, they can be looking for something and then find something else completely unexpected.

A fellow Cancer Fighter..