Perineural Tumor

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Does anyone have any knowledge of perineural tumor in the inferior alveolar nerve? Please share treatment options. Husband is 18 months post diagnosis of Stage 4a SCC with primary in buccal mucosa. Latest scans show concern in the nerve but no lymph nodes.

I know every patient is different but was hoping to get a general idea.

Thanks as always warriors.


  • riles89
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    Perineural spread / invasion

    Hi Georgiasurfer,

    Scanning the forum and noticed your thread. My fiance has a similar cancer (surgery August, followed by radiation and chemo) and scans post-surgery and prior to radiation/chemo showed remaining cancer along mandibular nerve, I believe (don't have the MRI results in front of me, but I do remember alveolar nerve mentioned). We are awaiting MRI and PET end of this month.

    Did your husband complete radiation or chemo 18 months ago? I don't have too much to add as we are waiting on scans at this time, but I wanted to respond. I noticed you posted this on 12/7. Do you have any updates? I hope it is OK.

    All the best,