New diagnosed CLL waiting for staging 48 year old female

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I am a young one I am told ... to get this so that really freaks me out ... my WBC has been high for a year and my atypical lymphocytes 27% .. went to hemotology oncologist and he is sure i have CLL lower stages.. and slow growing i pray. he took 10 vials of blood from me to determine i dont have any aggressive subsets... i need advice .. where is the best place for CLL in the united states? and what is the typical prognosis and what do i need to know and ask? and is there anything i can do myself to help lower my wbc and lymphocytes .. i am so scard and sad .. my husband of 20 years died of lung cancer 5 years ago and now my daughter has to see mom have cancer 


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    CLL fighter as well.

    Good afternoon.  I am a 38 yr old female and was diagnosed with CLL June of 2016.  Blood cancers are tricky, being so complex.  I am still in the wait and watch phase, although things are progressing with me as well.  Usually, from what I understand, is that they do not treat until your double rate for your lymphocytes is short, or you have other side affects that need treating.  I just got off of a month fighting pneumonia and am currently recovering from a tonsilectomy.  I had two uneven tonsils that they tried to reduce the size with large amounts of prednisone, but it stayed large so once my lunger were clear they took both my tonsils out.  I'd love to connect with you.  I have always been told that I am so young to be getting CLL, just like you.  I go to an hematology, oncologist that is local, but am close enough to Mayo to go there if needed.  

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    47 Yrs young

    47 Yrs young

    Mine are 31% and am also waiting on my blood work to come back I've been sick for almost 2 yrs now going out of my mind waiting 2 weeks for results.  I am also 47 yrs young.  Would love to connect