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A question for those of you who color or highlight your hair.  When is it safe to resume this?  I finished chemo and radiation treatments 3 months ago.  I did not lose all of my hair, however, it was shedding like crazy and became fairly thin.  It still sheds a little every day (more than before treatments began), so I think this is a result of the chemo still being present and active.  The doctor said the chemo could remain active for up to 6 months after treatment.  I have read that hair color treatments should not be applied anywhere from 1 month to 6 months after treatments because it could break the hair off completely or turn the hair weird colors of red or orange.  So now I'm wondering if I need to wait 6 months after my hair stops shedding to even think about doing anything to my hair....if I even have any left at that point!  I know this isn't the most important issue to be concerned about and there are bigger issues to discuss, but I appreciate any advice on this topic.


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    I think I waited about 8 months before coloring my hair after treatment. 

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    at the start of treatment I was told that I could continue coloring my hair.  I didn't do it because I felt crummy and didn't feel like driving to the hair salon and worrying about roots in a few weeks,etc.  I didn't lose hair during treatment, but it thinned and was shedding for several months after.  Summer came, and I just wore scarves and hats.  

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    I do my own highlights, and I believe I did mine the first time about 3 months post chemo, but I had very little hair loss, so I might have been in a better position than you to do so.  I probably wouldn't take any chances if you are still thinning.  

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    If you can hold off coloring until 2-3 months after the shedding stops it would probably be best for your hair. Mine continued to shed way after treatment was over. Although if you absolutely hate your natural color and it's making you feel worse about yourself, maybe you could go to a salon that uses a system that is not too harsh and color sooner. I like the Lanza line because they deep condition when they color. The other good thing about coloring is that it seems to thicken individual  strands so overall appearance is fuller. Good luck, and it is not silly to have hair concerns. I worried and fussed over it a lot, even wore the cold caps during mitomycin C infusions to try and reduce hair loss.

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    During treatment my hair was

    During treatment my hair was coming out in clumps.  I got tired of finding my hair all over the house so my husband shaved my head.  I wore a wig for a few months.  My hair grew back darker and very curly.  It's so easy to take care of.  I don't think I will ever dye it again.  It's totally wash and wear.  I feel like I have earned every gray on my head.  I have had enough chemicals in my body for one life time.