Prostate cancer in peritoneum with no other metastasis



My close friend friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 18 months ago. Gleason 8. He had surgery and radiation and test results since then were good, until 3 weeks ago when abdominal discomfort led to the discovery of substantial growths in the peritoneum. Biopsy indicates that it is the prostate cancer. So far, there is no evidence of metastatis in the bones and lungs. Apparently this is an extremely rare and improbable presentation.

Here are my questions:

1. Do you know someone with this kind of spread into the peritoneum?

2. Do you know a prostate oncologist with the experience of treating this kind of spread?



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    Systemic or Oligometastases?


    Welcome to the board. You comment that your friend's case is rare but I wonder at which area in the peritoneum they have found the cancer. PCa typically metastasizes locally to the prostate bed and close lymph nodes at the peritoneal and iliac. From there the bandit travels far to other lymph nodes, organs and bone. When at far places, the patient is considered systemic which status implies palliative therapies like chemo and hormonal. However, if the metastases are properly identified in image studies and they stand at appropriate areas, then the patient may still aim at cure with spot radiation (oligometastatic cancer) or with a combination of radiation plus hormonal/chemo.

    Surely, it is better for him to have a medical oncologist to follow his case, providing orientation and administrating the drugs. But in the end it will be your friend that will decide. He should try to attend this forum, reading past threads and gaining some knowledge about options.
    I wondere his age and other health issues, if any. You may find several oncologists specialized in prostate cancer but not all are used to treat oligometastatic cancer with intent at cure. I would recommend you Dr. Mark Scholz at Prostate oncology. Please read the following links;

    Best wishes and luck.