Great article from pioneer of DNA structure

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Great article from James Watson, one of the pioneers of DNA structure.

If you look at the end of the article, he himself takes metformin and aspirin,
doesn't eat too much sugar and exercises. He estimates this reduces his
risk of cancer by 50%.

He mentions the STAT3 gene, which apparently turns on other genes and
is found in many cancers.  Metformin happens to inhibit this gene.  Another
key thing metformin does. He says that this gene makes paclitaxel (Taxol)
work better. 

The trial I was enrolled in, added metformin or a placebo to the Taxol/Carbo,
to try to make the chemo work better. I've come to learn over the past years 
that metformin inactivates many cancer causing genes/pathways that the chemo
activates. That is why it seems to be so effective for many cancers. Maybe it
is better to start taking it with the chemo. I did start taking it while I was on
the chemo, though I continue with the metformin and aspirin and no cancer drugs. 

As you do more and more research, you'll find that many of these top
scientists and researchers take metformin themselves, because they know
all it does for cancer.

I also agree with him on the comment about the "moonshot program."
They are just recycling old ideas.



"DNA Pioneer James Watson:  The cancer moonshot is crap but there is still hope"