Xtandi, Tecentrique: Rash Solutions?

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Does anyone have any relief suggestion or experience combatting a severe, full-body rash that has developed while on these drugs? I see that rash and itching are shown as side effects (of which drug, I don't readily recall) and I have developed both conditions.  A truly maddening itch!



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    Have you tried prednisone?  I am taking prednisone in conjunction w/ Zytiga.

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    Did you try calamine lotion(pink stuff).  I had a bumpy rash in the small of my back and it cleared it up and also provided itch relief.  Cheap solution if it works?

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    Ask the docs running the trial

    I didn't know what Tecentriq was and found out that this is a (monoclonal antibody) PDL-1 inhibitor. Because this immunotherapy hasn't been approved for prostate cancer, it appears that you are participating in a clinical trial (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03016312). Thus, I would recommend that you bring your concern to the trial doctor(s). They should take really good care of their patients...


    PS: I doubt that prednisone would be allowed in this trial to help with the rash since it is an immunosuppressant.