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Went to the big city to see my Oncologist yesterday. CEA 0.5 and all other bloods looking normal. 

I was really tempted to just call him and skip the office visit. (NOT 600 miles) 330 miles (nit!) is a long way to go for a five minute visit; but I do like to see him and hear it from 'the horses mouth'. 

So, happy holidays for me - sounds so selfish when I know others are struggling and some are leaving - 




  • ScaredButFighting
    Yay!!!  great news!

    Yay!!!  great news!

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    All Good!

    Excellent news Tru!  Long trip but face to face time with your oncologist on a regular basis is so important.  Way to go on the CEA and blood test results!  I've got a visit coming up and fingers crossed for similar results. 


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    That's a great number.

    That's a great number.

    I know about doctor's appointments. I'm sure that the Oncologist could tell me what I have to do over instant chat but their model is you come in for an office visit.

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    Great News


    Ironically, you recently responded to one of my posts in which I described my reaction to some goods news regarding my situation.  You advised me to accept it without a sense of guilt.  Now I offer the same counsel to you.

    Rather than selfish thinking, I honestly believe that your use of the word "selfish" indicates that you have sensitivity and empathy for all who suffer from this disease.

    We need to take the good news with the bad news.  Congratulations.  Enjoy the moment.


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    I'm so happy  the test results were as you liked.   You can now truely enjoy the comming holidays!


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    Happy happy

    Joy joy.   Glad to hear your numbers are fabulous, what a set up for some happy cheerful holidays.  

    Your good fortune is all our good fortune, and no one here would ever begrudge your good numbers.  We root for all, don’t we?.!!!

    wish I️ could make a little man dance for you, lol. But alas your computing skills trump mine 

    Congrats and may we all have your numbers someday



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    Great News

      I'm hoping for something similar, except the gazillioin miles of driving.  Here I was complainging about 30 minutes driving, lol.

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    Congrats to you!!!!.. You are

    Congrats to you!!!!.. You are such a sweet person and inspiring and uplifting to all...

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    HAPPY MAN DANCING!!!!  Yours

    HAPPY MAN DANCING!!!!  Yours is better but this is all I have for now.  lol. 

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    Truly good news! I‘m so happy to read your update. 

    I know what you mean about the doctor visit. Seems like we need a virtual visit option! Although I only have to drive 100 miles (considerably closer).


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    I am such a ninny hammer  image.  The drive is only 330 miles. What was I thinking?!!!

    Sorry for misleading you all. 


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    Thumbs up!

    image Great News!

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    Wonderful news!!!

    I am so happy to see this!!!!!!

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    So glad for the news and so what about the mistake on the miles - when we are giddy with good news sometimes we make mistypes about numbers Wink.  You can now enjoy the Holidays with some sense of relief.  Thanks for letting us know.

    Hugs!  Kim

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    So nice to hear read of your

    So nice to hear read of your good news! Like many others I am trying to get there and to surgery,,,,,I am in nevada too, is it inappropiate to ask where you go? i was driving to to LA and back twice a month but after the 12 sessions it was a bit much to ask him to keep it up for maintenance as it did make for an over 700 mile round trip.....have a wonderful merry Christmas!

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    Congratulations Tru! That's

    Congratulations Tru! That's one fabulous news!  There's no such thing as being selfish when it comes to a good news about this. it impacts us all with good news and bad news. Enjoy this holiday season! 

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    So happy for you Tru!

    News like that is worth hearing in person.  Although 330 miles is a long way to drive.  How often do you have to see your oncologist?

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    I'm always happy to hear good

    I'm always happy to hear good news and clear scans Tru, but like you I'm hesitant to play it up, as many are struggling, but then these are the moments we all wish for, and it always lifted me a bit to hear happy tidings from anyone who goes through this stuff, so enjoy the moment.....................................Dave

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    NewHere said:




    I get my NED POWER man with his N.E.D. banner. My day is complete. Thank you, New.