Thoracic Surgeon in Upstate NY

I am looking for a thoracic surgeon in Upstate NY. Preferably in Albany NY. Any recommendations?




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    Survivor~Not familiar w/docs N Albany but sending U web links

    Hello “Survivor2017”

    I hope this means you are a “survivor” in the year 2017.   Since you didn’t write anything “about you” on your “about me” page, I’m left to wonder if you have been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, or if you have had any kind of surgery, and are looking for a “follow-up” thoracic surgeon, so I’m a bit “in the dark” as to how to help best.  I do NOT know of a thoracic surgeon in Albany, NY.  That is why I’ve given you what might be called “leads.”  And I do hope that you will be able to find a well-qualified thoracic surgeon that will meet your needs. 

    Nevertheless, I have given you some references below my name. 

    The most I can offer are some USNews Health Reports that rank hospitals by specialties.  I have given you web links so that you might start your own search.  I did find one thoracic surgeon by the name of Thomas Fabian, who has a practice in Albany, NY.  I also found a report about him on “” so I’ve listed those two references first.  According to the information below, I do see that he has served a fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy.  I’m impressed with that.  He seems to be a younger surgeon.  If at all possible, it pays to seek out a thoracic surgeon that has been trained to perform the MIE.  However, he should be experienced enough to have performed at least 25 or so a year.  Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t want to be “any surgeon’s first patient” PERIOD! 

    If a person has just been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, I would first of all seek a SECOND opinion.  Then I would choose a hospital that ranks highly in the field of Gastroenterolgy and GI surgeries, the category under which Esophageal Cancer is ranked by USNews Health Report. 

    As a suggestion, you could always call UPMC directly, speak to someone in the Thoracic surgery department, and ask them for a recommendation.  You might ask if they have any “affiliates in the Albany, NY” area.  Sorry I couldn’t do more.  But I must say, we who have had experience with a cancer diagnosis here know that “finding a surgeon closest to a patient’s home” SHOULD NOT be the first criteria.  This is major, major surgery, however there are survivors!  That’s the good news!

    Loretta (Wife of a 15-yr. survivor of Esophageal Cancer- DX Nov. 2002 - MIE @ UPMC May 17, 2003)



    Thomas Fabian MD - Chief, Section of Thoracic Surgery

    Board Certification: American Board of Surgery, 2005

    (Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery))

    American Board of Surgery, 2003 (Surgery)

    Contact Information:

     AMC Thoracic Surgery Group

    50 New Scotland Ave. MC-192
    3rd Floor
    Albany, NY 12208 - Tel: (518) 262-5864 - Fax: (518)262-9933…” 




       1. Michigan State University - Undergraduate School | Graduated 1992

      2. St George's University - Medical School | Graduated 1996

      3. Hospital Of St Raphael - Internship Hospital | Completed 1998

       4. Bradley Memorial Hospital and Health Center - Residency Hospital | Completed 2002

       5. Albany Medical Center Hospital - Fellowship Hospital | Completed 2004

       6. University Of Pennsylvania Medical Center Presbyterian - Fellowship Hospital | Completed 2005



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      Even fewer hospitals excel at caring for patients with especially challenging or complex diagnoses, for whom the stakes may be a matter of life or death. For those patients, venturing beyond a trusted community hospital to seek care at a truly exceptional medical center, even one farther from home, may be the wisest option.

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