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    Wise decision my brother . I have been to Vanderbilt for second opinion myself with a Gleeson 3+3 = 6 t2a  .How much has it spread in 4 years?

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    Denis; A review of your past health history


    Yes I would love to receive that recording. At the 60's I also played bass for fun with a group of school friends. We had fewer arrangements of our own and most of the time played music of others (probably something of you). You are 6 years older than me (68). I sent you my email address via CSN.

    Regarding the PSA histology of 2017, I am also curious for the decreasing to almost an half in one year (from 6.7 to 3.8). Typically a sharp increase relates to inflammation (UTI) or BPH. A PSA graph of Cancer is represented more as a continuous upward curve. This decrease could be a reflex of your past larynx cancer chemo treatment done in 2009. It also could be the effects of any medication you taking for your heart or CKD complications or a change in your diet. Surely the Cisplatin Hi dose chemo intervenes in the PCa affairs too. This chemo is used in the treatment of breast cancer which genes also relate to PCa. Many times we see PCa treatments to follow the standards of breast cancer care.

    In any case a review of your past health history regarding the persistent inflammation cases makes me to think that past occurrences (such as BPH, etc) could have been behind past high PSA levels and that such a case have just normalized (???).
    In your thread of 2016 (
    https://csn.cancer.org/node/305503), you point out about a PSA of 5.8 from 2006 that did maintain the same level in 2013, when you were diagnosed for PCa. The higher level of PSA=6.7 ng/ml started in August 2016. Please reread our exchanged posts. However, what impresses me the most in your PCa history are the results of the biopsies that were confirmed at Johns Hopkins. The summary of your shared information is below. Please validate me if not correct:

    2013; Gleason 6. two cores positive for small amount of cancer

    2016; Positive cores have gone from 2 up to 5. All 5 cores were still shown as Gleason 6 with one showing perineural invasion

    2017; one core showed up as Gleason 7. (3 plus 4). Three other cores showing Gleason 6. 13 cores taken with 4 showing cancer. The 7 shows 30% of the core as cancerous.
     But, these cores were rechecked at JH and the results lowered the number of positive cores from 4 to one and the Gleason rate 4 to rate 3 involving 10% of the core. (from your above post)


    Accordingly, I see it as a decrease in cancer involvement. Could it be the work of the past chemo therapy? Who knows it.

    I wonder what your doctor can say on my above guessing.

    I want to celebrate the news. Let's have a Portuguese red Esporao.

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    multiparametric mri

    Does anyone know anything about getting a multiparametric mri images and fusion biopsy instead of getting the transrectal ultrasound biopsy? I would like to get the mri but have read that it is only a better diagnostic tool if it is performed by an experienced radiology team. Does anyone know of the best place with a 3t magnet in Florida and close to Tampa Bay?

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    Hi Rob,

    Hi Rob,


    How about the Cleveland Clinic, I thought they had a place in Florida. They have a really good reputation here in Northeast Ohio.


    Dave 3+4