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Hi All,


This is regarding my Mom currently in India. She is 62 years. She has Colon Cancer in 2009. Removed with surgery followed by Chemo. Was Cancer free for 5 years. In 2016 she was diagonised with cancer spread to Lungs. 

Again Chemo followed by Radiation. In Nov 2017 she complained about hip pain. PET scan showed cancer which has spread to bone and lung tumour with increase in size by 2 cms. Doctors said that Chemo is no longer working on her body and to try Immunotheraphy.

She is viisting USA in Dec (it was planned before her PET Scan report). If you be kind enough to answer few of my questions


1. When she visits USA, due to pre existing condition her insurance will not cover any treatment here. Are there any hospitals which can provide second opinion without insurance with minimal cost

2. Are there any trial programs she can get into 

3. What was the treatment recommended when this situation happened to anybody. Indian Dr seem to have lost hopes


Your answers would def give us postive hopes and guide us through this difficult journey



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    Sorry to hear about your Mom.
    Sorry to hear about your Mom.
    If possible, I would try immunotherapy.
    Targeted therapy is another option, if genomic profile from biopsy sample shows any actionable mutation(s).