feeling the burn


Half way through radiation and I've started to feel the burn in urination. Will this last through the rest of the treatment? I've completed 20 of 39 treatments


  • RobLee
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    I had #2 not #1

    Red, I had 39 Tx also, just finished six weeks ago, and had diarrhea starting second week and persisted throughout Tx... but no burning during urination.  Are you sure you're drinking enough water?  My RO required 32 oz 2 hours before Tx.

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    Burning during Urination

    Red, I had radiation as a secondary treatment so I had 35 treatments for a total of 70 rads and I did not experience  any burning whatsoever. But as RobLee described I had to drink tons of water and my pee was clear. So very diluted ...