1st chemo

My husband had his 1st chemo! He had a reaction to the Taxol but not severe! They counteracted it with steriods and then he was fine! They said it's not uncommon for a reaction! He is tolerating j tube feedings well! We are up to 3 container's of Jevity & 3 of Osmolite! He tries to take some liquids by mouth daily. Sometimes able to get them down and sometimes not. He will have his 1st Radiation treatment this Tuesday! I am leaving work early to be with him even though I can't be in the exact room as him. I haven't missed one test or appointment with him. I told the oncologist that we would like a medi port placed and she is going to get the order in! The surgeon was supposed to do it while he was in having the j tube placed but said his veins are fine! So I am glad he will be scheduled for one! I will most certainly ask about the Herceptin Tuesday when I go in! It was on my list of questions and appreciate it being brought up! Aloe Vera & Tumeric are just mean't to help protect his Liver and throat basically from the effects of radiation! That is all! We told the oncologist about it! It will be administered through his j tube in small amounts daily once he starts radiation, which is this Tuesday! I will look forward to updating and reading the wonderful info I received from Loretta<3 on my upcoming 5 day Thanksgiving break! Until then, be well and God bless!