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Hi,  my father went for his first post treatment check up today. He finished treatment at the end of September. We were expecting them to scan, scope whatever his throat to see if the cancer treatment worked. They took blood, and then used a mirror to look at his throat and said they thought it looked OK, but would like him to come have a scan next week. This seems unnecessarily low-tech to me. Why wouldn’t they have at least used the camera that goes up your nose to look down your throat, or do the scan today? Why would they make him go there and use a dental mirror to look? I am frustrated, I don’t understand this. The hospital that did his treatment is a 2.5 Hour drive away. They sent him to a closer hospital for the check up, a  1.5 hr drive. Why wouldn’t they do a proper thorough check today? Is this normal?


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    That does seem odd. I

    That does seem odd. I finished my treatment (35 rads and 3 mega chemos) on Sept 19th. My next appointment was a couple of weeks later. The doctor asked if I wanted to be scoped and probed a bit at that point but told me it wouldn't mean much because everything would still be so swollen. I opted for no scope and they used a dental mirror and felt my tongue and said they could no longer feel the tumor.

    I went back on Nov. 13 and that was my first scope (I posted the video on another thread). So, that was almost 2 months after treatment ended.

    I would have thought they would have done a bit more for your dad at this point post treatment.

    I bet traveling is a big inconvenience. I am fortunate that I only live 20 minutes from my cancer center.

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    post treatment checkup

    It is always hurry up and wait, come back...  They probably wanted to physically see him before ordering tests, even though it means multiple trips.  Husband did not have scope done for some time after treatment.  Too much damage and swelling from radiation.  The throat can be quite tender for some time.  Husband had cat scans every three months for a while.  I don't think there is one "normal" as each case is different.  Your father's treatment does not seem unusual from what we experienced. 

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    they did a baseline scan on me at 10 weeks at 18 weeks they scoped me all looks good