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Hey, this is very diffrent for me to do but i am not sure what i can do for my situation. My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago. Since then she has gotten to maintaince. I tried to go to work annd put her in daycare and she got to the point the sicknesses kept home from daycare really messed with her chemotherapy at home. I couldnt stand the idea i was risking her remission for financial stability. To make matters worst im a single mom. I was think of doing online schooling and maybe apply for a scholarship to help with living and education costs. Weirdly there hasnt been and that say apply if you have a child with cancer. I plan on applying for child of parent that died of cancer. Unfortunately my dad passed because of melanoma.... Anyone have ideas with financial help in general or scholarship help? I just need to make life easier for both of us.


  • MyJourneywithCancer
    I am sorry for the difficult time you are going through. I have a few random thoughts, which you may or may not find relevant:
    First of all, I would meet a financial advisor at the medical service provider and check what kind of financial assistance they can provide. Secondly, you can reduce the drug costs by getting copay cards from the manufactures, and they might also provide further financial assistance depending on your current situation. Thirdly, look for a local, recruiting, clinical trial that is appropriate for the disease condition and your oncologist should be able to guide you.
    Hope this helps, and other here have more parctical ideas.
    Best wishes.