Persistent Cough Post Treatment

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(47 Male, good health, SCC BOT HPV+, Stage IV)

I'm 2 months post treatment and I've noticed I am experiencing a persistent and annoying cough most days. I had been able to treat it extremely well with the hydrocodone I was prescribed during treatment. However, that is no longer an option since I am not experiencing any other pain (other than when I swallow).

It starts as just a low cough and then gets worse. To the point I often start to gag or even dry heave. Sometimes water or food can subside it, but sometimes it just makes it worse. Usually happens while working after I've been talking a lot.

The cough then causes my throat to hurt worse and I've had to go home once or twice. It's also rreally embarrassing if I'm in a meeting and have to excuse myself.

I was just prescribed Gabapentin 300MG to help.

Anyone else experience this and have any suggested remedies?

Beyond this and some fatigue, recovery is going extremely well.


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    Just my opinion

    I am 1 year out of treatment. I still have an on and off cough. Here is my take on the cause and what I seem to think helps it greatly. I believe that the scar tissue in the posterior naso pharynx area of oral cavity prevents the nasal secretions from sliding on down our throats. And add to that the lack of saliva and it just compounds the need to clear the back of our throat. I use Ocean saline nasal spray about every 4-5 hours. It seems to help alot. Hey, I am just a dumb old country nurse trying to figure out the new normal like the rest of you.

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    I decided to stop taking my

    I decided to stop taking my daily pills (I'm not much for medication) and the cough has yet to return. Doc thinks it may have just been a part of the healing process that is over.

    Instead of the daily pills, I've now been told to just keep a very small bottle of hydrocodone on me and if the cough happens, it will subside it within seconds of taking it.

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    This can happen to me as well if I've been talking alot....

    I think it's mostly the dryness coupled with scar tissue.  Singing at church tends to get me going a little bit...  Dryness with the vibration of my voicebox tends to make me cough a little bit but a few sips of water is usually all it takes to stop it.

    Glad you're doing well.