Query on how to help my mother after her lobectomy

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My mother is a 55 year old woman who after beating colorectal cancer (surgery and chemo) she now has lung cancer. She undergoes a lobectomy for the right upper lobe on Thursday and she will begin chemo at a later date. I have cooked meals in advance and taken a semester off of school (second year medical student). While I am fully informed of the proceure process etc I would like some advice from someone who has had this surgery on what I can do to help her. I read that certain types of pillows to help position her in bed and certain breathing exercises help the recovery. Any advice so I can help her is welcome. She, like all cancer patients and survivors, is so brave and carrying a terrible weight and I want to help if I can in helping her with this continued burden. Thank you!



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    I found after my surgery I had to sit up instead of laying down at night because I can’t sit up by myself. I have a massage chair I used and it’s very helpful. Hope your mom will recover quickly from the surgery. 

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    Lobectomy recovery struggles

    its been 17 days since my upper left lobe was removed. I'm struggling with breathing. I knew this would happen, but I expected it to be much better by now. How long until I get back to near normal breathing?

    last night my breath became so short that I experienced my first panick attack. Scared the crap out of me!!


    so if someone can pass some knowledge my way, I would appreciate it. 

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    I have had a rt lower wedge resection and then a right upper lobectomy.  Reposition for comfort with pillows or in a sitting position.  Listen to relaxation tapes to ward off panic attacks. Deep breath. Have someone to talk to. Eat healthy. Live as healthy as you can.  Healing takes a while and we heal at different rates. Find something that interests you. Keep active. Keep your mind active as well.

    Recovery takes time and stamina varies. Take each day as it comes. Stay positive.