No chemo since August due to gallbladder problems

Joan M
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Hi everyone! I haven't been on this site much lately, been busy with my family and trying to organize my home and life. I finally have a little energy for things like that since I havent been on chemo for awhile

I was hopsitalized August 30th with choleocystitis, or inflamed gallbladder.  I had a biliary tuble placed to drain the gallbladder, and the tube is through my abdomen and liver into my gallbladder.  The surgeon did not want to operate on me since I had Avastin infusion2 weeks prior.  I've been off chemo waiting to get the surgery to remove my gallbladder.  It has been nice not having the chemo.  I feel like my old self before the cancer diagnosis and all the fatigue and stomach problems began.  

I've had some other health problems since then,  such as collapsed lung caused by the cryoablation of a lung tumor.  That required a chest tube to be inserted and another 3 nights in the hospital.

CT scan is scheduled for Monday, November 13th to see how my cancer if my cancer is progressing.  I assume it is since I haven't had chemo for almost 3 months now.   

The biliary tube is very uncomfortable and causes pain if I do much of anything involving lifting or bending.  I finally have gallbladder surgery on November 16th.  It will be so nice to get the tube out! 

I will update how everything goes this week.



  • Trubrit
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    Dang it, Joan!

    I'm sorry to hear of your medical problems on top of the Cancer.  It just doesn't seem fair.

    I hope all goes well with the CT on the 13th, and show no growth and no new growth. And you're on the calendar for the 16th. I'm sure you could do without more surgery. I will send prayers and good thoughts your way. 

    It is good to see you back, even if your news isn't the best. 


  • Bellen
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    Thinking of you

    Hi Joan - Will also be thinking of you as you go through your gall bladder surgery and your upcomimg CT scan.  I also wonder about CT scans when we are off chemo for a while - and how the tumours react.  I am having a 2 1/2 mo break to recoup, and will be anxious about how it will affect the CRC and the liver tumours.  Yes, do keep us updated.  All the best.  

  • PamRav
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    Hi Joani

    so sorry to hear you’ve had more medical problems     hope your surgery is successful and your recovery quick 

    ive been off the chemo for 21/2 months was feeling pretty darn normal till now. I have suddenly developed severe gastric distress.   It’s always something 

    wishing you all the best