Nasua, vomiting


Hey, i am actually finished with my 6 rounds of avbd chemo, but before i was diagnosed with hodkins i was vomiting and nasua after almost every meal. The reason i am saying this is because I did not really find that as one of the symptoms for hodkins but once i strted te chemo it went away. I was considered stage 2 borderline stage 3. Does anyone have an explanation for that? also can i pet scan see if thenorgans were effected or just the lymph nodes?


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    Cody a PET can see virtually every tissue in the body.  It does not "see" cancer, just "hypermetabolic activity"  -- cells growing abnormally fast, which usually is cancer. But injured tissue from trauma can grow as fast, so a professional radiologist is required to interpret the images.  So yes, a PET will let them know if you had organ involvement or not.  Actually, the CT you were staged with should have told the oncologist if their was organ involvement, since that is how staging is determined.

    The anti-nausea meds you took with the chemo may have accounted for your stomach doing better during chemo.