Cervical Cancer Survivor Looking for a "Why?"

When first diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in July 2017, my English teacher impulses took over and to Google I went. From reading about “massive hemorrhages” and “loss of bladder control” to scientific studies barraging me with statistics like “4,210 women will die from cervical cancer this year” to “5-year survival rates,” both the information and my mindset were increasingly disparaging. I was scared and suffering from a cliché case of “why me?”

Something had to change. At the time, I couldn’t control the cancer. But, I could control my mind. So can you.

My life has spanned 12, 219 days, yet I had been focusing on the less than 100 since my diagnosis. That was when I realized my disease was simply a “by the way," in the many stories that make up my life. Those were the stories that defined me, and those were the stories that would give me the positivity and strength to make it through my battle.

Because I needed a reason “Why?”  mybytheway.org. 


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    You are very wise!

    Yup, I wondered too.  I had a rare and agreessive uterine/cervical cancer (undifferentiated small cell) 8 years ago, and still wonder why.  The internet has old and very scary statistics, the survival rate for my particular cancer was horrible - I'm glad I didn't read that stuff until I was well on the mend!  I know I'm very lucky to be here.  My surgeon indicated it was just a fluke that I acquired this rare disease.  No one in my entire extended family had cancer.  At any rate, I went through the simultaneous chem & radiation, then surgery, then follow-up chemo, with a lot of transfusions in between.  It is do-able, and hard.  I really like it that you look at your life as much more than your current cancer "adventure".  It's taken me awhile to figure out what you already know.  

    Wishing you the absolute best,