It will be five years soon.

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I haven't been here for a very long time. Tom passed in January, 2013fl from this horrible disease. My son and I are doing well. We still have three shelties only one was here when Tom was alive. I did all I had to do and soldiered through. I'm not a quitter... I went ahead and finished the remodeling we started along with many other projects. I have plenty of things that keep me busy. It's nice to see some of the people who where here when I was. I'm glad you're doing well. Thanks for all the support I found here.




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    It is nice to see your post


    It is so nice to see your post. I remember your and Tom’s journey with this disease. It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years already. I am sure that Tom would be happy that you have completed the projects that you started together.

    I am glad you and your son are doing well, and that you have added some furry friends to your family. Dogs are special gifts in this world, they provide unconditional love and company during good and bad times.


    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams

    McCormick, South Carolina



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    I was really happy Paul to

    I was really happy Paul to see you. Our oldest son moved back to Indiana. I get to see my grandkids. Matt graduates high school this spring and then off to college. I wish Tom could see that. My granddaughter is a freshman... Time flies when you aren't looking.