Allergic to Erbitux


Well, this clinches it. Of all the drugs I could have been allergic to it has to be this one. So they took me off of it and will start a regimine of Keytruda until, and I quote, "until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity for up to 24 months." I have run out of options. We are now working on my quality of life. There is no shrinking it, no curing it, only holding it at bay for as long as we can. The doctor hasn't brought up a liver transplant as an option and it could be that it isn't.

If I could get my saliva working again and my swallowing also, I'd love to eat something besides soup. Nachos!!! I kind of doubt it but I'd like to at least go out living it up once more. In the meantime, I'm sticking another carton of nutrition stuff in my PEG tube and working on my comic book as it gives me some relief from all the thoughts going through my head.


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    Allergic to Erbitux


    I am so VERY SORRY.  The first time I looked at this message I could not even answer.  I am praying that Keytruda will be the one to help you feel so much better and turn on all your immune system!  Will we get to read your comic book??

    Your Friend,


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    Like Crystal, your post struck me so hard that I don't know what to say. It is so sad, and I am so sorry for you... but of course, you don't really want to hear that. So I will only say the one thing that I find myself telling everybody... Cancer Changes Everything.

    Good luck going forward. I hope you get that evening out living it up sometime.

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    I am so sorry. Erbitux has

    I am so sorry. Erbitux has been tough on my husband too and he had an allergic reaction immediately (Controlled by Benadryl though). I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that Keytruda works for you.