Question on Imodium

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My directions are to take one four times a day if there's too much water in the bag. I was doing this at the hospital but they indicated that I should try the Nutrisource (Guar Gum) packets first. I got Benefiber instead as CVS didn't have Nutrisource but it's the same three grams of fiber. I am planning to take the Imodium to firm things up but the tablets that I bought today are a lot bigger than the tablets at the hospital and I wonder if the size is standard. My discharge papers don't indicate a dose other than the count of pills to take.

I also noticed that it can cause heart damage with misuse. I think that I will increase my fiber, even beyond the Benefiber so that I can keep things firm without taking the Imodium. The directions indicate that it would be better to just use the fiber drink packets and not the Imodium. What do folks here do to avoid watery bag output?


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    Anytime you start something like this you should be careful.  Everyone reacts different.  Mine was very loose stools too but if taking 1/4 of a pill it would block me terrible.  Use trial and error because you don't want to get in a situation that can back you up.  It seems like 4 pills a day is a lot.  Hope that you can find something that works for you.  Mine was an illeostomy and my output was liquid but I'd rather have it that way than stool like.  If you have a colostomy then still be careful.  Good luck.


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    Dear Friend,

    I have colostomy and taking iron supplement really thinkens up my output. I use chelates iron from Whole Foods, 2 capsules a day.

    All the best.

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    I didn't use Immodium or anything like it.  My output was on the watery side but as my diet became more stable and consistent it got thicker. You'll start to figure out, too, what foods might be triggers for watery output as well as gas.  Key for me was staying hydrated and drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. If I didn't I got pretty lightheaded.  Also, my oncologist recommended upping my salt intake. Since my reversal I've been eating 1/2 of a Meta Fiber Wafer every morning and that's thickened my stool. I'd stick to working within your diet; bananas, oatmeal , etc. 

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    I decided not to use it when

    I decided not to use it when the consistency was thick enough emptying the bag this morning. Thanks for your comments. I'm going to slowly amp up the fiber and see what the body does.

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    I used to slam down 8-10

    I used to slam down 8-10 pills a day for years of untreated Crohns. Not saying to do it but my heart is still the best thing i have left:) If you can firm it up with some diet, great but i wouldnt worry about a few pills for important events or long trips.