Wife stage 4 colon cancer to liver

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Wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer to the liver sept 28,2017.  Oct 6 she was given 2-3 months if chemo doesn’t work. Been a rough road so far but she Got blood work done yesterday and started her 2 nd chemo treatment and found out her tumour markers are going down, is this good? Sounds like it.  She’s only 36 and hoping her age and relatively good health by her never smoked and barely drank helps her in this situation now.   Hope to here from some in same position as wife. Thanks


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    I am so sorry you are here

    I am also a caregiver my husband was originally diagnosed in 2010 at stage 3 after his primary tumor in his colon was resected. 2014 it changed to stage 4 when it went to his liver, again resected surgically. Now in his liver again, plan is 4 chemo treatments and hoping it shrunk enough for surgery, surgery, then 8 more chemo treatments. 

    You will find so much help and information here, to answer your question tumor markers coming down is good. She is so young that will help her be strong as well. 

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    So sorry to hear of your wife's diagnosis.  Anytime that you have a decrease in the marker is good news.  It doesn't mean it's gone, but could possibly mean it's decreasing in size.  Wishing your wife the best going forward.  Keep us updated to let us know how she is doing.  If you have any further questions, keep posting as someone will ultimately have an answer for you.  We have a lot of people that have information to share.  Best of luck to both of you.


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    Welcome to the forum

    I am so sorry to hear about your wife. She is so young to be dealing with this disease. But you are right, being younger and healthy will help her allot; along with having a husband beside her. 

    And yes, the markers dropping can be a great sign. 

    Many folks here are survivors of this Cancer, even after spreading to the liver. I am one of them.  Five years out, this month. 

    Don't listen to the stats. I mean DON'T. Just being told 2 - 3 months can bring a person down. The mind is an extrememly powerful thing. I believe it plays a huge part in our outcome. So, my suggestion would be to ignore that prognosis. When I was given my life scentence, I told myself 'Nobody is going to tell me when I'm going to die'.  The power of positive thinking. 

    We're all here for you and for your wife. 


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    thanks for the positive feedback, her bottle came off today, she’s a bit tired right now but yea we aren’t going to let this beat her   So glad to hear that the markers dropping is a good thing, and hoping for a good outcome

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    CRC with liver mets

    Hello Winny - I had an ultrasound June 2016 - liver lesions.  Turns out, after CT scan, liver biopsy, colonoscopy - I was diagnosed with CRC with multiple (at least 15) mets to my liver.  I have been on avastin + folfiri since Sept 2016 (same chemo cocktail as folfox, but irinotecan instead of oxyplatin).  It has been over 1 yr and the chemo has shrunk the tumours, although I am inoperable and not curable. I had the chemo every 2 wks, and have also had a few chemo breaks and some one wk extra breaks to recoup better for the chemo.  Wishing your wife all the best, and I think there would be other chemo options, such as the one I am having (folfiri) if folfox does not bring the hopeful results. Lots of positive thoughts being sent to her.

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    First chemo news

    after first chemo, her liver enzymes have decreased and her tumour markers have gone down, so glad that we are going in a good direction at least.