PET SCAN TOMORROW...Scared and worried

Hi... first Time posting. Most the time I just read and look for advice and answers in everyone’s posts. I completed chemo and radiation for recurrent cervical cancer. i have my PETScan tomorrow and I’m so scared. I know thinking positive is key and I have tried so hard to stay positive For myself, my young boys, and the rest of my family. But deep down in my gut (literally) I feel something isn’t right. I still feel bad and I hurt like crazy where I had radiation. The tumor is pushing/blocking my right uterer which is blocking my right kidney. I had a nephrostomy tube since the end of July and that comes with its own set of never ending problems I’m 37 and up until feb of this year (2017) I haven’t had anything more than a bad head cold or weather induced sinus Problems. sickness is not something I do well, and I’ve had a very hard time being down for so long and dealing with the dehabilitating  effects of this cancer, chemo and radiation. I just pray this scan comes back and tells me that I get a lot more time with my boys. I have tried reading, cleaning out my dresser drawers, organizing linen closets and anything else to keep my mind preoccupied. Nothing is working tonight tho. I’m so worried and it’s driving me crazy. Any suggestions on how to “shut the brain off”?? 

thanks for the advice :) 

-Minatpres  (Mindy, Nathan, Preston) my life in one word. 


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    Minatpres, that is very sweet

    Minatpres, that is very sweet how you came up with your name and I am sure it is hard - especially when you are putting on a good face for the boys.  

    I don't know if you are familiar with yoga breathing - there has to be an app for that - right?  But a woman I worked with would hold classes and that breathing, breathe deep to have air go to all your fingers and toes, hold it so the air gets all the stress and bad thoughts, and slowly breathing it out and the air taking all the bad things with it always had me like a new woman.  

    I'm sorry I can't suggest anything else, but I am thinking and praying for you and hope you come back and let us know how it goes.  Waiting is all the most difficult part.