ivf or pregnancy after chemo?

I realize this is a very ambitious of me. but i have finally just got done with chemo and im expecting good results with my blood work and scans.  My husband i would love to have a child together as this was the plan before i found out about the cancer. I realize i must wait a certain while after chemo to ensure my eggs  would not be affected by it. I am thinking if all goes well we will look into ivf late next year. I am currently 42 and no spring chicken so i know the timing i have is limited and having the cancer would even make it more difficult.  I am wondering if anyone went through anything similiar? I know its a long shot but I really could use advice. I know my family thinks i should just give up on having a child with my husband but he has no children, but I would consider this one of lifes biggest gifts for us to be able to share a kiddo together. IF anyone has any thoughts or ideas that would be awesome on this subject. I know again im being very ambitious  but I wouldnt be me, if i wasnt being that way lol. I am a stubborn lady. I realize most people wouldnt even be thinking of this maybe so early on in the game. I had surgery to remove all my cancer and just got done with chemo * rounds of folfox. 


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    Interesting question

    I don't know what to tell you. 

    Just remember, all that chemo sticks around in your body for quite a long time. I would be very cautious if it were me. But its not me, so I wish you all the best in your decisoin making and hope things turn out how you would like them to.