Had my first infusion yesterday.

So I had my first infusion yesterday at UT Southwestern and all went smooth.  I had a private infusion room with a recliner and TV plus 2 guest chairs. In the hall at the snack station they had coffee, hot chocolate and snacks. I was very comfortable. 

Boy does it hurt to touch cold stuff. It turned cold in my area so the cold wind hurt my face. I just opened the door to let the dogs out and my fingers burned. 

I washed my hands without thinking about cold water and boy that hurt. I have some heat packs from Origins that I quickly heated up so the pain would go away. 


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    Yeah, The Cold

    The cold sensitivity and neorupathy were the two big ones for me.  I had everything else, but minimal for a day, other than losing body hair (go figure, serious manscaping ;) ) and did get tired about 1/2 through.

    I would leave drinks out on counter so they would be at least room temperture (though going a bit warm worked) and also took samll sips if any question so that it would warm in my mouth. Keep gloves and scarves handy.  Once in awhile if I was particularly sensitive, would wrap scarf around my mouth.  Gloves anytime you open fridge. 

    I marked all the dates on my calender and where it long and daunting, it actually went relatively quickly. Make sure to mention ANY side effect you have to your doctor.  Particularly neuropathy.


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    Ah, memories (I hope it stays that way)

    I remember my throat constricting when I drank a cold drink. I was told to use plastic utensils, but that goes against the grain, so I wore gloves to eat so I could use my stainless steel knives and forks. 

    There came a point when walking in the wind would make my eyes spasm terribly, and I had to go home and put a hot wash cloth over them to stop the spasms. 

    For me these are all memories. One day you too will be 'looking back'. But, for right now, I wish you the best as you move forward. 

    Getting past that first infusion is great. 


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    oxylaplatin is the cause, very powerfull drug. I had same issues, lips went numb and it wasnt even cold weather.

    After 3rd dose ,my dose had to be dropped, as neuropathy moved in, my feet were numb, tips of fingers, my oncologist told me that I had excellent response. After 8th round,  oxylaplatyn had to be removed  completlly as neuropathy moved in permanentlly.

    I had hard time concentrating, remembering stuff, my eyes were wattery, 3rd day after, had hard time lifting my head, there were days that I couldnt get out of the house.

    My blood work was in boots, but its over now, I feel much better, recovering fast, becoming myself again, so it is all temporary.

    Good luck to you!

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    The Oxi is no joke, mouth went numb, had trouble talking, couldn’t eat or drink anything cold for about 8 months.  Once I stopped the Oxi my cold sensitivity went away, but neuropathy in hands and feet still there.  

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    Sorry you are going through this and yes be very careful of cold.  It can happen even in the grocery store while you are not thinking.  I'm glad that everything went well for you on the initial treatment.  Remember that it is cummulative and the more injections you get the longer it takes to recover and the more you are sensitive to other things.  Wishing you the best in your treatment going forward and come to the boards with any questions.  We are always here to help.