Severe Tinnitus after Erbitux and Radiation

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Hi Everyone,

It's about a year since I was first diagnosed with a BOT SCC, first had a tonsilectomy to confirm it was cancer and then started treatment in January 2017. I completed 35 Proton treatments and 5 rounds of Erbitux in March and had my 6 month PET/CT a little while back and everything looks really good with no sign of the tumor.

My taste has come back about 50% or so but I still have little saliva, but I guess I'm 6 months ahead from what the doctors tell me. I do have really severe Tinnitus though, I had it a little before treatment but now it's so loud it's hard to think straight sometimes. I picked Erbitux because I understood it wouldn't increase Tinnitus but that hasn't been the case for me.

Do any of you have a similar issue? And if so, any ideas on treating it?

Thank you,