Metastasized colorectal cancer

My mother found out Tuesday that her cancer has spread to her liver (6/7) masses and her lungs. The doctors said the only option we have is to do aggressive chemo to prolong her life. I'm scared for her to do the chemo because last time she almost died twice. She contracted MRSA and Sepsis as well. Her health already isn't great she has a retrovaginal fistula from the radiation that they can't fix, a illostomy, and a blood clot in her lung. We don't know what to do I don't want to lose her but i dont want her to be in pain and sick from the chemo for what time she has left with us! Does anyone have any advice, or been through this with a loved one?


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    I Am Going Through This Now

    For myself.  After almost three years.  I am going for alternative therapies and second opinions.  Each day I can fend off the growth and going on chemo again (which becomes ineffective) I can extend things.  

    1.)  Look for trials ASAP

    2.)  Look for alternative therapies (but be careful)  I am looking in traditional chinese/eastern medicine

    3.)  Get a second opinion

    4.)  Get a good sense of the chemo mixes and efficiacies compared to the side effects.  So if something has a better quality of life with potentially lesser overall length of prognosis, it may be worth it. 

    Right now I am going through this for myself.  Just got handed to me and balancing it all.  I don't want to be the sickly person burdening my wife and family.  If I am gone a couple of months early and have better times without being more of a burden, from this side I would go for it.

    So do all the above and try to do everything to have fun with your Mom.  Look at options and enjoy things.  Do not hesistate to tell her you love her.  It sounds like you are a good child to your Mom and I am sure she knows it.  

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    Chemo options

    I wonder also, if a part of the chemo treatment cocktail that is considered could be reduced according to her other health concerns, so that she could tolerate the side effects.  Wishing her well and hoping that there will be a chemo combination that she can still have quality of life.  I have had 28 treatments of avastin + Folfiri - I have CRC with multiple liver mets - diagnosed just over a year ago.  I have had good and bad days dealing with the side effects, but I can still live with them.  Cancel outings if I need to, as I go day by day.  Also instead of having treatment every 2 wks as is typical, possibly every 3 wks to recoup better.  Hopefully you can find a treatment that she is able to have and can tolerate.  Best wishes.   

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    Kimberly I'm in the same

    Kimberly I'm in the same phase, my mother was very recently diagnosed with mets in liver and lungs, she is also recovering from stroke so we are trying to decide fast what's the best treatment option for her. We are for Folfox 4 or mFolfox 6...don't know what to choose, if she can tolerate the cathetyre and the port due to her vescular problems or she should opt in for hospitalization for 2 days every 2 weeks.....Also I'd like her to take Avastin on top but I'm afraid it will be too risky for her given her problems with the vessels. Unfortunately she cannot take some other targeted therapies as she has KRAS mutation. I'm scared to death and devastated by the news....trying to keep up and make fast the best decision! Keep in touch and share your news and how you progress. All the very best to your mum! And you! 

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    My mother has decided to

    My mother has decided to enter hospice care. We went to the doctor a couple days ago to talk with them again and we have decided to just try and enjoy what we can, while we can. Shedecided that the risk from the chemo isnt worth it. We are giving it to god and praying ALOT! So please if you read this just say a prayer for her and us all! She has been fighting a hard fight for the last (almost) 3 years and though she isnt ready to give up, which she isnt, she just doesnt want anymore chemo. I hate this disease its really aweful. I pray for you all fighting and having to see loved ones fighting. I pray that god gives us all the strength to get through everday. I pray for comfort and i pray for understanding but most of all i pray for healing!!

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    Sorry to hear of your mother's diagnosis and the recent news.  It's hard to hear that your parent has something and trying to help them.  I'm wishing her well and hoping that they can help her.  You are a great daughter to come on this board to seek out information.  Sorry I'm not able to help, but wishing and praying for you both.


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    Praying for your family, Kimberly

    What a tough decision.  What a blessing that she has endured this awful disease for three years.  It's a hard fight for us patients and our families.  But God is all powerful.  I pray you will all find peace now.  In His hands!


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    Sorry to hear this. May God

    Sorry to hear this. May God bless you both.

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    colon cancer with mets

    Kimberly, I have colon cancer with mets to the bone.  I was unable to tolerate more chemo, so I thought that was it....nothing more I could do.  HOWEVER, since Keytruda has now been approved for colon cancer, my oncologist suggested I try it.  It seems to be slowing the progression of the cancer.  Yes, I still have cancer and I'm in a fair amount of pain, but I truly believe Immunotherapy is the way to go.  It's not a cure, but I am going to keep taking the Keytruda as long as I can and continue praying for God's blessings.  Maybe the Keytruda would be an option for your mom: I hope so.  Never give up and keep praying.