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My husband was just diagnosed with Stage 4 NSC undifferentiated carcinoma of the lung.  It has metasizided to atleast 6 other locations.  There were no real symptoms.  He had a persistent cough and was slightly more fatigued.  They first started running tests on September 25 and made the diagnosis on October 18th.  He has his first Chemo tomorrow October 26th.  I am scared- really scared.  He seemed fine until last weekend and now it seems the cancer is taking over.  I have no idea what to expect. 


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    Linda, yes getting the diagnosis is very terrifying.   But there is hope as there are lots of stage 4 NSCLC survivors for 5+ and even 10+ years.  I'm praying that will be the case with your husband.  Is he also being given radiation treatments?  You might search for stage 4 LC survivors on this site, as well as on  The latter has a large number of survivors.

    I hope you'll use this site to voice your concerns and questions, as there are people who want to help you get through this.  You might also sign in to the "chat room."  It's busiest late-afternoon and early evening EST. 

    Keep us posted as to how it's going.  God bless.  

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    I am terrified also as my

    I am terrified also as my mother has been newly diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor says it's stage 3 or 4 but not very specific...When I try to get clarity, he just dismisses me. I have no idea what to expect for my mother

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    My brother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in the right lung with a pocket of pneumonia.  Left lung looks good.  We do not yet know the stage or if it has spread.  He is unfortunatley in a VA hospital and after spending a few days there I am beyond frustrated.  He is going to be released in the next 2 days.  Today after waiting for 8 hours for the doctor to come in (after being called 3 times by nurse) we asked if he could have something to help him relax, she said no blood pressure too low, yet no effort to raise blood pressure.  Asked if he could have something so he could sleep, (3 sleepness nights) answer no.  We asked when he is released will he have an oxygen concentrator, no he does not qualify.

    My questions:  1. Blood pressure is low when just lying in bed 88/48, if taken after walking to bathroom 133/80 and he is struggling to breathe after a small walk.  There are things to do that can raise blood pressure.

                           2.  If he is on constant oxygen his oxygen readings are close to normal but have not been checked without oxygen use.  I have no doubt it would drop quckly showing the need for a concentrator on release.

    Does anyone have any advice on dealing with a VA hospital, they do not communicate with each other, one doctor has no idea what another doctor has ordered, it is beyond frustrating.  We want to bring him home but also what to have the means to be sure he is comfortable while they decide after a PET scan in a week what they can do for him.


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    Ellies Girl

    Ellies Girl, sorry for your mom's diagnosis.  Sounds like it's too early (in the testing and biopsy or surgery) to be able to make a determination yet.  They can't even be 100% sure it's cancer before they do a biopsy or surgical removal of the tumor; they can make a pretty good guess that it's cancer but only a biopsy will confirm.  Cancer staging is arrived at tumor size, whether it's spread to other parts of body etc.  Search this website for an explanation of cancer staging.  God bless and best success with you mom.

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    Iggy3, so sorry about your frustration with the VA hospital and that your brother is so sick.  You might get better response if you started a new post with a subject line something like "Anyone have experience with dealing with a VA hospital."  You might also do a search of this website for VA Hospital.  God bless and best success getting the best help for your brother.  Pray for Guidance to find the best VA doctor.  You may find you need to ask for another doctor.