FREE medical grade Aspirator Pump to patient in OKC area

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Hello all.

I recently completed my treatment for SCC base of tongue cancer.

While going through treatment we purchased a medical grade aspirator suction machine to aid in my extremely thick mucus I was producing.

Unfortunately, even though it was advertised as being able to suction thick mucus, we could tell as soon as we turned it on that it wouldn't be able to meet that task. Definately best for saliva to slight mucus.

We literally never used this machine and can't return it.

I am offering this machine (like brand new) to any head and neck cancer patient in the Oklahoma City area for FREE. The only catch is that you cannot sell this unit in the future. You MUST pay it forward and donate it to another patient for their use and ask them to do the same when they are done.

SO, if you are a head and neck cancer patient and in the OKC area and could benefit from such a device, please let me know.

This is the unit I'm offering (click for link).

I live in Edmond, Oklahoma.