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I was doing pretty good until Friday evening. Then the vomiting started. It wasn't time to take another pill but it wouldn't have done me any good. I ran a fever complete with chills for about twenty minutes I suspect, and the throwing up continued through the night. When I thought it was safe to take a pill I threw it up within five seconds. My stomach is sensitive but I'm able to hold down the medication for now and nutrition plus water.

But something else has come up, there is this stringy thick paste on my tongue and it burns with many food items that were once safe. I've had thrush before and this doesn't quite look like it. It feels like my taste buds are peeling away if that's even possible.

A rash has started to break out which I did expect just not so soon. I'm taking erbitux/taxol and I've only had my first treatment Thursday. I'll have them every Thursday.



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    Sorry you are experiencing

    Sorry you are experiencing this. I had all my medications changed to liquid or creams early on and I was very glad I did - I would not have been able to swallow my anti-nausea pills or pain medicine.

    I never experienced any vomiting during treatment - I am convinced it was THC patches that kept me from getting sick.

    As for mouth issues, I experienced very slight sores and different types of coatings on my tongue and lots of nasty mucus. What helped me the most was a tongue scraper, gargling salt/soda often with warm to hot water, mouth sore mouthwash with peroxide in it, and disposable oral swabs (dipped in medicated mouth wash). I did all of these several times a day and I never lost my taste buds nor my saliva and never had thrush or severe mouth issues.

    Good luck.