Therabite or Orastretch


Anyone have one for sale? My husband has severe trismus after 7 weeks of treatment for stage IV Tonsil cancer. Unfortunately they are over $400 retail so thought I would check here as money is a little tight at the moment. 


  • Curlyn
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    I broke down and bought the

    I broke down and bought the therabite when my jaw began to get stiff. I can claim it on income tax. It is backed by good research. I just didnt think that I would manage the popsicle sticks well. They are hard plastic and can be cleaned. But you have to buy the mouth pieces/strips- $20 for 5, I think. You also use this for life from what I have been told. 

  • DanceSkater
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    Some people have commented that their health insurance paid for the Therabite.

  • Mavish
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    I heard that some insurances

    I heard that some insurances pay for it. Mine did not.

  • donfoo
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    tongue depressors or popscicle sticks

    When my mouth started locking up, my fix was a stack of free tongue depressors. Put a few in then keep adding one at a time to open your jaw more. Worked for me


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    Buy a used one?

    Sounds very unsanitary. I shelled out $455 for the Therabite from Amazon as it was not covered. To be honest, I have diminished saliva production yet I drool all over this thing. Buy a new one.