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I am trying to find out how a port is removed that goes to the main artery in the neck?Is it a doctor visit or hospital?If hospital how long do you have to stay after it is removed?I have been colon cancer free for 4 years but afraid to get port removed from the artery.How do they seal the artery up so a person doesn't bleed to death?


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    I had mine removed 3-4 months after finishing FOLFOX.  It's day surgery (hospital) and I didn't need sedation - just a local.  They cut an incision, cut the stiches holding it in place, and removed the port. Stitch you up and you are on your way.  I drove myself home afterwards.  After a year of chemo-radiation, then surgery, then 6 months of FOLFOX - the removal of the port was relatively easy.  While I didn't have any issues with having it inserted - I believe it is harder to have it inserted (more problems can arise) - than having it removed.

    Good luck!

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    Hello there

    I would hie yourself off to the surgeon  and get that port removed. Four years NED is WONDERFUL. And will be even more wonderful without that thing stuck in your chest. 

    I was really scared about the procedure, and it ended up being a real doddle. A needle or two to numb up the area, a quick, small incision to expose the port. Snip, snip, and a quick pull and it was out of there. The catheter is very small, and the vein closes shut immedietely it has been removed. Just like getting an IV removed. 

    You will dance the dance when it is all over. 

    Good luck!


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    I will have mine removed too,

    I will have mine removed too, on Nov 9. When are you going to have yours removed? Good luck to both of us and God bless us all


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    husband just got his out

    My husband had his taken out about a week ago.  No problems and process is just what Trubit and db8ne1 describe.  Congrats for getting to this point!