Port removal is getting nearer, but...

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Yep, my schedule on port removal is getting closer,  but my neuropathy hasn't gone away yet.  My toes and fingers are numbed. Have you had/have this problem at all?  If so,  what did you do to get them back to normal. My oncologist told me the nerve cells die while on chemo. But after the last session, nerve cells go back to normal by one cm per month. Whoa, then it might take 5years to have my sense of feeling back to normal!! Isn't that so? Oh no! 


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    Don't hold your breath

    I am four years plus, out of chemo and I still have neuropathy. Mild in my fingertips, but my feet are still quite numb. I doubt now that they will ever be normal. 

    Here's hoping you are one of the lucky ones, whose neuropathy goes completely away. 


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    Mine is slowly going away..

    I had my last infusion July 27, 2016. 

    The lack of feeling in my hands is about 98% resolved. My feet are lagging but greatly improved. I'd say my feet are around 75-85% resolved and feeling better everyday.

    I'm looking forward to driving again.

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    I ended chemotherapy last Sept 6, 2016.  At that time my toes were completely numb and the neuropathy was starting to move up my feet.  My fingertips were also numb.  It has almost all resolved itself, except the tips of my toes.  I can live with that since it doesn't affect my walking or movement.  My oncologist told me that nerves are very slow to heal and that the neuropathy may take years to resolve.  In some cases, he said, it never goes away completely.  


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    My daughter told me to take

    My daughter told me to take Vitamin B12. This Vitamin will help brings the dead cell back to normal, and also eat a lot of banana and drink a lot of water. I will try to do her advice and let you all know the result, good or not. God bless us all


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    Im taking vitamin B and it

    Im taking vitamin B and it has made me feel a lot better..


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    Vitamin B

    My nurse pointed me to Vitamin B complex (nature made brand) specifically and it has helped a lot.

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    Unfortunately mine never went away and I'm on medication daily to control it.  My hands and feet are numb daily and if I'm not on medication it is very hard on me.  Hoping that your's goes away. By the way good luck on the port removal.  You will do fine and feel so much better.


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    It's been 9 months since my last treatment and I still have neuropathy in my feet. As a result I've developed an odd gait and that effects the arthritis in my knees. I really want to walk daily but some days it's too painful.

    For a while I thought it was my shoes until I realized that the same places hurt no matter what shoes I was wearing!