Surprising CA125.


Hi Ladies!  I am bummed.  I had a new CA125 test done and it came back at 325, so my new oncologist is sending me to San Jose for a Pet Scan next Friday.  NOT what I wanted to hear just 8 weeks after returning from Germany, especially since there are no symptoms that I can point to.  I have been really wracking my brain to figure out what might be affecting the CA125 besides the cancer and the only thing I can come up with is that since I got back from Germany, I have been using cannabis in increasing strengths, starting out with 10:1 CBD/THC, and have worked through 8:1, 4:1, and am now at 1:1 which is a good spot for me in terms of pain management.  There is some documentation on the web that cannabis can affect the results of the CA125.  It's the only thing I can think of, so I'm curious.

Then tomorrow I am going in for a followup ultrasound for the thrombosis in my legs.  Perhaps add a blood thinner to the mix (tho they say cannabis is one of the best blood thinners out there) AND as if there wasn't enough already wrong with me I have a little spot on my nose that is looking suspiciously like skin cancer so need to go have that attended. 

Mostly, I am completely bummed at the possibility of heading into yet another holiday season with difficult news I have to share with my family.  It was literally last year at this time that I was told I only had a year to live and it was probably the worst Thanksgiving my family ever went through.  I don't want to do a repeat!! 

Thanks for letting me vent.  AAARRRGH!!!  - Helen


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    AAARRRGH indeed!

    After just reading CQs thread this sounds like "Deja Vu all over again!" You both seem to be coping with things happening to you one after the other. I'm so glad you were spared the fire, but wish you some peace after all that you've been through this year already. Doesn't sound like you are getting it, but hopefully the CA-125 is from the cannabis or perhaps even the thrombosis? Isn't it impacted by inflammation in the body from things even like fighting a cold or the flu? Sending prayers that these things all turn out to be minor to deal with! Hang in there and keep us posted how it all goes.

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    i am so sorry to hear this.  Keep in mind though that many things can cause your CA125 to raise.  Hopefully it is not Something sinister.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Sorry for the crappy news,

    Sorry for the crappy news, Helen, but hopefully it will all turn out to be nothing. Let's show those doctors who gave you a year that you do not have an expiration date stamped on you and they have no idea what they're talking about.  Good luck on all your tests and I'm interested on how the cannabis is working for you.  They're looking to legalize the medical use of it in Wisconsin.



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    Helen, sending hopes and

    Helen, sending hopes and prayers that this is a big fat nothing! Looking forward to hearing from you when you know.  Cyber hugs coming your way!

    Eldri, your new home is a legal place now. Although, it sounds like some are trying to put major restrictions on it.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Sending you hugs

    Helen, sorry to hear about your CA-125 rising but hoping it is just because of the cannibis.   Well wishes on your upcoming tests.



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    I’m so sorry Helen:(. Let’s

    I’m so sorry Helen:(. Let’s hope and pray it is the Cannabis.

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    Stay hopeful, Helen

    Stay hopeful, Helen. You're exactly right when you say that there are so many non-cancer reasons for a CA-125 to rise. Please try not to spend too much time worrying. Plan for a fun and happy Thanksgiving full of wonderful memories this year. That will keep you plenty busy with things that you can control.

    Good luck to you on Friday. Let us know how it goes. Kim

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    Darn! It must be harrowing

    Darn! It must be harrowing hearing this news. But like everyone else here has said already, there may be other non-cancerous reasons. It may possibly be the Cannabis. Praying that your PET on Friday only shows nothing out of the ordinary! Hope that thrombosis in your legs is nothing serious or gets better over time. Same with that little spot on the nose. Certainly hoping it's not cancerous!

    Praying for you!

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    The CA125 can go up for many

    The CA125 can go up for many reasons, but it is very useful for some of us and in me it is accurate. I have it tested every 3 weeks with Keytruda for the same reason. Whenever I have inflammation it goes up, most often I already know this if I have dinged myself.

    I hate to burst all these hopefully it is the cannabis bubble, but really?? Cannabis is a mega inflammatory, do a little google if you doubt this and I have taken cannabis oil for several years in large dosages for that very reason and do the cancer and it works great and I never heard of it increasing the CA125 if anything it would reduce it which I have seen in myself after hurting myself and slathering on cannabis oil, but it takes a few to a number ofl weeks to come down after inflammation (in me is all I can speak to of course). It works great for chemo rashes too by the way.

    Hopefully you dinged yourself and forgot about it. Adding the cannabis to your regiment is a good thing in my opinion. By the way if anyone is interested in cannabis make sure you get it organically grown and with the potency and strain that is appropriate. Requires some research as we are not all the same. There is a ton of crap on the market.

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    Your PET is tomorrow, right?  I'm hoping this all turns out well for you. 


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    Prayers for happy news report

    Prayers for happy news report on your PET tomorrow!