How frequently should I have a colonoscopy after diagnosed with Stage 2B colon cancer

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My husband who was 44 at the time  was diagnosed Feb. 2016 with stage 2 B colon cancer. When he had original colonoscopy due to the size of the tumor they were not able to get the scope in to do a full colonoscopy. After his surgery and removal of the tumor in February he had another colonoscopy in May 2016.  He was prescribed Xeloda and finished that in Sept 2016.  He has had regular blood work every 3 months and has had 2 or 3 CT scans since then. My question is should he not have had another colonoscopy by now? They have him scheduled for Feb 2018 but that is almost 2 years since his last one.  Should we push to have that moved up? 


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    I was told 3 years

    I know others have different dates. Each Oncologist or GI Doctor seem to have their own ideas. 

    Anyway, I was told every three years. 


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    I was wondering the same

    I was wondering the same thing. Nobody has mentioned a colonoscopy.....I expected the oncologist to say something but he didn’t. 

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    Gastro did not go past the area where the tumour was - stopped at that point.  I think he was worried about rupturing the intestinal lining or other problem.  CT scan has never picked up colon tumour - only those in the liver.

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    My first one was at diagnosis and after all treatment and surgeries had one 18 months later.  It was then every two years twice, then once for three years and now 5 years.  If you are concerned you should ask your doctor for a colonoscopy before then.  Don’t remember what diagosis it was but that was my regime.  Wishing him the best.


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    I had a colonoscopy 1-1/2 years after I was diagnosed with colon cancer and every three years since then.I also had a CT scan at 6 months after surgery and chemo and another CT a year after the first one then colonoscopy every 3 years.I also have my doctor do a CEA blood test on me every 6 months.So far I'm doing okay.I was first diagnosed 5 years ago. Cancer is still gone.

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    My husband

    had one every year after diagnosis, right now he is doing chemo for a recurrence in his liver. So it might be more Ike 2-3 unti his next one now, since his last was already over a year ago.